Tools and Device Department

Tools and Device Department designs and manufactures the following tools and devices:

  • punching dies of all types, including single segment, double segment, round, outline, progressive and slot dies,
  • press tools of all types,
  • stacking and baking stands of all types, including measurement columns,
  • tools for manufacturing of winding (forms for bars forming).

We offer manufacture of the products both based upon our own design, prepared by highly-qualified engineers in our own design office, as well as based upon documentation provided by the customer.

By using not only traditional tool steel, but also modern powder steel, we provide our customers with punching dies and press tools of extended service life as compared to traditional constructions.

The tools and devices manufactured can be adjusted to work on presses in DONAKO and other press shops.

We provide services by highly qualified and experienced engineers, who specialise in construction (mechanical and electrical calculations) of hydrogenerators, stators, rotors and their additional appliances. We create applications, which can control the automatic process of building entire 3D models of a hydrogenerator and its components, as well as its 2D workshop documentation.

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