Laminations and core Department

Laminations and Core Department offers and manufactures a wide range of components used in the power industry for building of electrical machines, both of large and small output. Parts we manufacture are successfully applied both in the renewable as well as conventional energy industry. We actively support development of wind and hydro energy. Our products are successfully used by the largest world manufacturers of electrical machines.

We manufacture the following products:

  • segment and round stator, rotor and pole sheets of all types and sizes,
  • ventilation, end and all other special sheets of all types and sizes,
  • stator, rotor and pole stacked cores.

The range of offered services comprises:

  • punching of sheets on press machines up to 4000 kN shearing force with an automatic feeding of steel from the coil, up to 3 mm thick,
  • laser cutting of sheets made of silicon, carbon and stainless steel, up to 15 mm thick, with the working tables dimensions up to 4 x 2 m,
  • slotting of round sheets on tandem and single slotting presses,
  • deburring and varnishing using normal and gluing varnish,
  • manufacturing of ventilation and end sheets using spot or projection welding technology,
  • manufacturing of stator, rotor and pole stacked core using welding, clamping or baking assembly technology.

HEILBRONN automatic press

Trumph 3200W  laser cutting machine
Varnishing  line for core laminations of electrical machines (Timesavers deburring machine, Hymmen varnishing unit and Promal drier)

Mueller Weingarten NN16-2 - automated line for simultaneous stator and rotor lamination notching

Interior of Mueller Weingarten NN16-2 line

Positioning of circles on the Mueller Weingarten NN16-2 line

Manually operated Mueller Weingarten NN20 press
for stator and rotor lamination notching

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