Frames and Stacking Department

Frames and Stacking Department specializes in manufacture of welded structures and stacked cores for the power industry.

We manufacture the following types of welded structures:

  • stator frames, also built on the stacked core,
  • upper and lower brackets of all types,
  • rotor spiders and other welded and machined rotor parts of all types,
  • press segments, press rings and rotor break segments of all types.

Complete range of processes starting from the steel sheet delivery is performed in house.                                                                      The most important machines are the following:

  • Lazzati CNC milling machine X=14000, Y=3500, Z=2250,
  • conventional boring machines X=5000, Y=2850, Z=1800 and X=3000 Y=3000 Z=1000,
  • vertical lathes, up to D=7000, H=3300.

We employ highly qualified engineers holding IWE and EWE licences as well as Germanischer Lloyd and SLV welding certificates. All the works are performed acc. to the ISO 9001 standards and 100% material traceability is assured.

We offer the following types of services in the range of stacked cores:

  • stator stacked cores in the stator frame (up to 100 tons per 1 part),
  • key bars manufacturing and assembly,
  • stator stacked cores on the stacking stand (stator frame built on the stacked core),
  • rotor stacked cores, also with insertion of the shaft,
  • pole stacked cores.

The stacking service can be done either in DONAKO or at the power station.

The manufacturing halls are equipped with cranes of up to 100 tons capacity.

CNC-controlled LAZZATI boring machine

d'Andrea facing head

BERTHIEZ vertical lather  


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