Our values

Our values are as follows:

Energy. DONAKO, which has operated in the power industry for many years, also has its own internal power – energy, flexibility in action, initiative of employees eager to develop.

Technology. DONAKO has a modern machinery stock, utilizes unique production processes and potential to develop new products and technologies. We intend to take active part in development of renewable energy.

DONAKO offers comprehensive package of top-quality, technically most advanced services, timely completion of tasks, ability to provide solutions to customer’s problems and trust.

ul. Fabryczna 10, 53-609 Wroc³aw
Telefon: +48 71 356 56 14, +48 71 356 57 20
Telefon/Fax: +48 71 355 85 81
E-mail: office@donako.com.pl
  wykonanie: e-technologie.pl