Who are we looking for?

Being an industrial company we  mainly recruit production workers specialized in mechanical occupations such as :

  • locksmiths,
  • metal workers-welders,
  • press setters,
  • press operators,
  • lathe operators,
  • boring machines operators,
  • milling machine operators,
  • CNC machine operators.

We will also welcome the following:  technologists, constructors, engineers,  production  and sales managers who are ambitious individuals both - experienced  and just starting their professional career, able to communicate in English or German and seeking   for challenging job opportunities.

Apart from professional skills, such as ability to read technical drawings , utilizing  measuring tools and technical certifications, we value eagerness to learn and develop, creativity, loyalty and flexibility. Good communication, teamworking skills and partnership are the  virtues   we constantly improve.

Current vacancies ...

ul. Fabryczna 10, 53-609 Wroc³aw
Telefon: +48 71 356 56 14, +48 71 356 57 20
Telefon/Fax: +48 71 355 85 81
E-mail: office@donako.com.pl
  wykonanie: e-technologie.pl