We provide services by highly qualified and experienced engineers who specialise in:

  1. hydrogenerator construction, 
  2. mechanical and electrical calculations,
  3. use of specialist software.

We have been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate (in the area of design, design management).

Within the scope of construction operations, we run projects related to main components of electrical machines (hydrogenerators), i.e. of the following components:

  • stator 
    - welded and wrought frame,
    - core stacked frame,
    - windings,
  • rotor
    - welded framing,
    - stacked yoke,
    - poles with coils,
  • additional accessories:
    - instrumentation (temperature, pressure and flow rate measurements),
    - braking system,
    - lubrication system,
    - cooling system,
    - operating covers and communication,
    - brush excitation system.

Within the area of calculation works we perform as follows:

  • endurance calculations for all machine components, including FEM,
  • durability, fatigue and crack propagation calculations,
  • shaft dynamic calculations (bent and torsion critical velocity),
  • critical condition calculations, including short circuit conditions, electric machines synchronisation errors.

In the area of specialist software, we create applications which can control the automatic process of building entire 3D models of a hydrogenerator as well as its 2D workshop documentation. This applies both to entire units and individual machine components.
Our applications cooperate with and control remotely the CAD systems such as I-Deas and Pro/E. We write programmes in the following languages: Fortran,  C++,  VC++ and C# .  

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